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Gov’t portal hits 48,000 users
Members of the public register for an e-Darussalam account during the TechXpo, which ended on Sunday at the International Convention Centre. BT/Ak Md Khairuddin Pg Harun
Ak Md Khairuddin Pg Harun

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

MORE than 48,000 people have registered for an e-Darussalam account to access various government services since the portal was launched in July 2011.

Head of E-Government Promotion Unit at the Prime Minister’s Office Iswandi Rajali said 176 people activated their e-Darussalam account during the four-day TechXpo 2015 at the International Convention Centre.

In an interview on Sunday, he said the majority of registered users at the TechXpo were locals.

It was previously reported that the number of e-Darussalam users grew after the Public Service Commission (PSC) introduced its online recruitment system in February this year.

Members of the public are required to register for an e-Darussalam account before they can apply for employment on PSC’s job portal.

The portal aims to integrate all government services to make them more accessible and efficient.

PSC Executive Officer Md Syahmi Halimshah said the online recruitment system has shortened the waiting time for job applicants from three weeks to two weeks after doing their written test.

“In the past, you have to wait for more than three weeks to know whether you have passed the written test. Now, the waiting time has been reduced,” he said.

Md Syahmi attributed the delay in recruitment process to employers taking time to decide the best candidates to fill the vacancies.

“We want to shorten the selection process, but when it comes to interviews, employers have to find the candidates who are suitable for the work,” he added.

He went on to say that users can check the status of their job application on the website through its dashboard.

“You will know on the website whether you have passed the written examination without having to wait for letters from the government like in the past,” he said.

The executive officer said he could not reveal the number of applicants who have secured jobs after registering with the job portal as the system is still considerably new.

Md Syahmi advised jobseekers to register for an e-Darussalam account early as they do not have to check for government job openings from newspapers or via social media.

“Even when you are still studying, you can also apply for the e-Darussalam account. After you have graduated, you can update your profile on the website.

“I would advise applicants to apply for jobs that are in accordance to their qualifications. If you are a degree holder, you need to apply for job positions that require a degree. This would help employers in the recruitment process,” he continued.

He added that having an e-Darussalam will allow users to access other e-government services such as the Local Employment and Workforce Development Agency (APTK), OneBiz from the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources and payment of electricity bills.

Md Syahmi said the online service is aimed at providing convenience for the public.

“By having just one account, the public can access various e-government services,” he added.

Courtesy of The Brunei Times