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ONEPASS is an e-service provided by E-Government National Centre (EGNC) with the following objectives:
  • To provide Digital Identities (Digital Certificates) to Government employees.
  • To ensure the security of Government information online such as e-mail, digital documents, files etc.
  • To allow safe transaction of online data such as online payment, e-forms and online registration.
  • To provide digital certificates for Government business applications (application that relies on the use of a digital certificate).
  • To provide SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates for server authentication.

ONE PASS is built upon Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technilogies and enables the end-user to have:
  • Confidentiality (ensure private communications)
  • Integrity (ensure no modification to documents/data)
  • Authentication (ensure it is the correct person)
  • Mom-repudiation (no-denial of receiving or sending)

Management will be done centrally from EGNC and will collaborate with all Government Ministries/Departments on the deployment and usage of ONEPASS.

Who can Apply?

Any civil servant of The Government of His Majesty, Negara Brunei Darussalam, can apply for ONEPASS.

Other Informations

For any enquries:
Telephone  : 2424955 ext 113
Fax           : 2424940
Email        :

Common Apps Section,
Operations & Service Delivery Divison

E-Government National Centre,
Prime Minister's Office,
Simpang 69-18, Jalan E-Kerajaan,
Gadong BE 1110