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Rapid Assessment by Brunei Solution Development Centre (BSDC)

Rapid Assessments help ministries by crystalizing exisiting project requirements where applicable or could take project teams through elicitation of requirements for a desired project and then producting the estimates necessary for the project to be taken through approval process.

It is a packaged consulting engagement of up to 6 weeks (depending on project complexity) designed to gain more understanding of the project scope and the effort to complete that scope. It makes use of proven and established processes and tools and involves close collaboration of the BSDC project team members in a series of workshops to define or establish the following:

  • High level set of business scenarios to establish the broad coverage of project scope.
  • Functional areas of the solution to establish the various functional areas the system will represent.
  • End user categories and primary roles.
  • A stack ranked set of requirements to decompose business scenarios into more a detailed and prioritized list of requirements.
  • Solution feature maps to help establish a catalogue of user interface and service components that will make up the solution.
  • Project forecast that shows the initial effort and duration estimates.
  • Bill of materials for hardware, third party software etc. required for the solution.
  • Any special Support considerations.


  • To gain more understanding of the project scope.
  • To provide estimation and effort to complete and develop that scope as a project.


Government departments.

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