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IT Central Procurement II

The Supply and Delivery of IT Equipments with Related Software and Services II (IT Central Procurement II) is one of the core services provided by the E-Government National Centre (EGNC) to all Ministries, Departments and Educational Institutions within Brunei Darussalam through a central Master Contract signed on the 19th June 2014.

IT Central Procurement II involves the supply and delivery of common IT equipments by a panel of suppliers to the Government either through outright purchase or leasing.


  • To provide better management and to speed up the process procuring Government common IT equipments.
  • To standardise the procurement of the common IT equipments amongst Government Ministries and Depts.
  • To standardised the type of IT equipments and ensure easy monitoring, tracking and statistical preparation for the Government IT Equipment.
  • To enable the Government Ministries and depts to get the supply of IT equipments at a standard price throughout the Contract duration.

For any enquries:
Telephone  : 2424955
Fax               : 2424940
Email           :

Procurement Section, Corporate Division
E-Government National Centre,
Prime Minister's Office,
Simpang 69-18, Jalan E-Kerajaan,
Gadong BE 1110