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Brunei Solution Developments Centre (BSDC)

Brunei Solution Developments Centre (BSDC) is a software development facility funded by EGNC and managed by Microsoft with the following objectives:

  • To provide a facility to develop Made in Brunei Software solutions
  • To assist with the skills development of the local IT ecosystem

Aimed at accelerating the growth and increasing the quality of Brunei's domestic ICT industry, BSDC will provide collaborative training and knowledge transfer programs to local IT graduates and service providers. BSDC will impart knowledge based on practical projects in applications development, formal certification programs and industry immersion programs.

Key features of the BSDC include:

  • A core team of Microsoft staff to run the center with a transition phase to transfer management know-how to local partners.
  • A physical facility located at KHub Kg Anggrek Desa set up with IT  equipment, tools, facilities and processes required for software solution development and support. The facility has been in operation since April 2014.
  • The Capability and Mentorship Program (CAMP) which offers paid internships to recent IT graduated to work on real world software development projects and receive training and certification opportunities
  • Involvement of Brunei-based IT partners through an accreditation process which will enable them to take on paid projects, the Academy training program and ongoing support
  • BSDC Academy offers regular training and certification in technical and non-technical aspects of solution development to CAMP interns, IT partners and other interested parties